We understand that getting a quote doesn't mean that you are ready to get started then and there. That's why we send every person an email with their quote details and a 60 day expiry deadline to get the quote price.

Above is an example of the email you will receive when you get a book printing quote. Each quote is given a reference number should you ever need to contact us about a quote you have received.

As you can see, you are provided your login details for your pre-made account. Click the 'Login to order', enter your email address and given password and you will now be taken to your book printing account.

Once you've logged in, you will be able to see the quotes you've had with this email address. As I'm a new customer, I only have the one that I have shown previously. 

Click on 'More information' which will take you through to your quote details where you can place an order.

You can then start placing the order by entering all the details of your book printing project.

With that step taken, all you need to do is enter your job details as seen above and your book printing project can get underway!

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