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VAT Rated Printed Products
VAT Rated Printed Products

What products have VAT included?

Written by Lewis McCarthy
Updated over a week ago

When it comes to printing and VAT rated products, it can be a little confusing, but hopefully the information below will clear things up for you. Your book printing will fall into one of three categories:

Zero rated print products

VAT rated print products

Additional services with VAT

It's a good idea to check which category your book printing falls under before proceeding with your print to make sure there are no surprises. You can see the criteria below:

Zero Rated print products

In order for a printed leaflet to be Zero Rated there must be a significant amount of text on at least one side of the leaflet. This is to ensure that the product is being printed for hand-held reading purposes, as opposed to wall mounting/hanging. The leaflet must be printed no larger than an A4 piece of paper and the leaflet must be a single, self-contained item. The leaflet must not be printed on paper heavier than 230gsm. If the conditions are not met then you will be charged a standard VAT rate of 20%.

VAT Rated Print Products (additional 20% added to your order)

Additional Print or Design Services (additional 20% added to your order)

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