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How to Format A4 Paperback Books
How to Format A4 Paperback Books

Learn how to format your A4 paperback book files for printing

Written by Lewis McCarthy
Updated over a week ago

When you supply your files for book printing in a PDF format, you will need to ensure that the pages are set as single pages and not as two page spreads. 

To prepare your A4 files for paperback book printing, you need to:

• Select ‘Page Layout’ and choose ‘Size’. From here, change the document size to A4 (297mm x 210mm). If your book has any colour images that run to the edge of the page, you will need to add page bleed. A bleed of 2.5mm will be needed on each edge. This can be done in ‘Page Layout’ and you should enter a custom size of 302mm x 215mm. Don’t worry, it will be the correct size when your book is printed.

• Once this is done, margins will need to be adjusted so your files are ready for print. You will need to open ‘Page Layouts’ and click ‘Margins’. From here you need to ensure all sides of the page have a margin of 15mm except for the binding edge which will require 18mm. This is to ensure the words don’t get caught in the binding and become difficult to read or see.

• Finally select ‘Margins’ again and select ‘Mirrored’ so that they carry over to every page.

Your A4 paperback book will print perfectly if your files are supplied with these specifications. If you need any assistance with this, please contact us on 01733 898102 or download a preformatted template online.

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