To embed your fonts is quite simple. We recommend you use InDesign to complete this process but it works fine in Microsoft Word too.

Adobe InDesign

Open the document you have been working on and select ‘File’ and ‘Adobe PDF Presets’.

Pick the option best suited to you. We recommend ‘High Quality Print’ as it will provide the best quality. Locate the folder you wish to save the file in and click ‘Save’. This will bring up a new Adobe InDesign window. 

In this window, select ‘Advanced’ options. From here you will see ‘Subset Fonts When Percent of Characters Used is Less Than’ with a percentage option you can change. Change this from the current number to 0%.

Finally click on ‘Export’ and you will now have your document in a high quality finish with embedded fonts.

Microsoft Word

To embed your fonts on Microsoft Word, you will need to open the file you want to send us and select ‘File’. From here you will want to select ‘Word Options’ (see Fig.1) and navigate to the ‘Save’ tab on the left.

As you can see in Fig.2 you are greeted with a lot of options in the ‘Save’ tab. If you look at the bottom, you will see ‘Preserve fidelity when sharing this presentation’. Here you will see the ‘Embed fonts in the file’ option with a checkbox. Select that and then save the document as you normally would.

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