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What Paper Finishes Do You Offer For Book Printing?
What Paper Finishes Do You Offer For Book Printing?

What paper finishes are there and how does it impact the look of your book?

Written by Lewis McCarthy
Updated over a week ago

When it comes to printing books, we offer three different types of paper finish for you to choose from. Each one has its preferred uses but you are not limited by this, and if you'd prefer a certain type of paper finish for your print, we aren’t going to say no.

Uncoated Paper Finish

Uncoated paper provides a matt finish. This is the most commonly used paper finish, especially for the inside pages of novels. 

Perfect for use in book printing and found in: novels, poetry books, anthologies, short stories and biographies.

Silk Paper Finish

Paper with a silk finish has a low sheen coating. This coating helps to improve the appearance of colours and sharpen images in your book printing project. This is a middle ground between Uncoated and Gloss paper. 

It provides a high quality look for colour pages but in a slightly more subtle way than if you were to use Gloss paper in your printed book.

This paper finish is perfect for: photo books, brochures and booklets.

Gloss Paper Finish

This paper is the highest sheen coating we offer for book printing. It further enhances the colours and sharpness of your book. 

This paper type is perfect for printing children’s books, photo books and recipe books. It can be used for colour inserts in your book printing project. 

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