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How Do I Amend My Printed Proof?
How Do I Amend My Printed Proof?

Learn how to approve your printed proof and give us the go ahead to get started on your book printing project.

Written by Lewis McCarthy
Updated over a week ago

When you receive your printed proof, we recommend that you set aside some time to go through each and every page, including the covers.

We recommend writing down any errors/amendments on a separate document with a page and line reference. Listing amendments this way helps to ensure that nothing is missed when you pass them back to us. It's also a good idea to mark amendments in the printed proof using sticky notes, so that you can easily refer back to them if needed. 

Once you have finished proofreading your work, you can email the document over to your account manager. It's best to only send one set of amends at a time, so if you spot further mistakes after sending your amends, save them for the next proof.

Alternatively, you can submit your amendments online in your Book Printing UK Account by adding notes to your online proof. You will be greeted with a message saying ‘You have proofs to amend’ at the top of your dashboard. Clicking this will take you to the proof you need to check.

You can add notes to the individual pages with your amendments. Once you have added all the amendments, click ‘Finish’ which will take you to a new page as seen in Fig.2. This is to confirm you are happy with the amendments you have added. The file will then be returned to the designer who will create a new proof for you.

The next proof you receive will be a PDF proof rather than another printed proof, unless you contact your account manager to add another printed proof to your order.

Note: If you do not see the ‘Add Notes’ option on the online proof, you will need to upload new files. More information can be found here.

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