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How To Pick The Best Paper Stock For Your Book Printing?
How To Pick The Best Paper Stock For Your Book Printing?

Find the perfect paper stock for your book printing project with ease!

Written by Lewis McCarthy
Updated over a week ago

Paper stock essentially means how much the paper weighs. Paper stock is measured in gsm which stands for grams per square meter.

What paper stocks do we offer?

 70gsm – Uncoated

  • Suitable for and often used in black and white printing.

  • Thinner than the standard paper stock.

  • Will help reduce the shipping cost on larger book prints and orders.

80gsm – Uncoated

  • This is our standard paper stock for black and white books.

  • This will be what you are used to in most modern day novels.

100gsm – Uncoated 

  • This is our standard paper stock for printing colour pages. 

  • Can be used for full colour books or for colour inserts in black and white books.

  • Perfect in printing projects like brochures and for non-fiction books like biographies. 

[Request a sample book of all of our paper stocks, shown with real examples from past customers] 

115gsm – (Gloss and Silk)

  • Slightly heavier than 100gsm with a gloss or silk finish.

  • This can be used for the same print projects as 100gsm, but will have a finish to make colours more vibrant.

  • The silk finish has a slight sheen to it, while the full gloss has a mirror-like shine.

120gsm – Uncoated 

  • This is the paper type for you if you are looking for a slightly higher quality than 100gsm but want to maintain the matt finish that uncoated paper will provide.

  • This works well for colour inserts.

135gsm – (Gloss and Silk)

  • A high quality, thicker paper stock.

  • Makes colour pages more vibrant and sharp thanks to the paper finish.

170gsm – (Gloss and Silk)

  • This is our heaviest paper stock making it strong and durable.

  • Provides beautiful, vibrant finishes to all your colour pages.

250gsm – (Gloss and Matt)

  • Our standard cover stock used on the majority of our books.

  • Provides a nice vibrant cover.

  • Available in gloss and matt finishes.

300gsm – (Gloss and Matt)

  • Our heaviest cover stock providing the best look and feel.

  • It’s slightly more expensive than our standard cover stock.

View examples of all of our paper stocks in our sample book in your choice of binding or get a free online quote!

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