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Providing The Files For Your Print Project
Providing The Files For Your Print Project

What is the best method and file type for supplying files to us.

Written by Lewis McCarthy
Updated over a week ago

When you supply your files to us for book printing, you can send either a Word document or a PDF. 

However, this will affect the way you amend proofs at a later stage. If you submit a PDF, we will not be able to edit your files, where as Word documents can be amended by our design team.


When it comes to proof approval stage, you will need to make the changes yourself to the PDF and then re-upload the amended files before we can create a new proof.

Word Document

If you provided a Word document at the start then you will be able to ‘Add Notes’ to your proof in your Book Printing UK Online Account. Our designers will use the notes to make the necessary changes to your files before uploading another proof.

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