At Book Printing UK, we can print books in the majority of standard sizes you would expect. There are a few sizes that you might recognise but can’t name, and that’s where this page comes in. 

As you can see, the main sizes of printed books are A6, A5, A4, Square, Slim and Royal. You probably know the sizes of A6, A5 and A4, but our handy book sizes guide can refresh your knowledge.

As for square book printing, we offer three sizes: 

  • Large (250mm x 250mm)

  • Medium (210mm x 210mm)

  • Small (148mm x 148mm)

Royal size book printing is one you may not be familiar with. It falls between A5 and A4 at 234mm x 156mm. This is quite a common size most often used for hardback novels and non-fiction books.

Slim Volume book printing is another you may not be familiar with. It falls between A6 and A5 at 180mm x 120mm. This is the size of many paperback novels.

We do also offer custom sizes which can be discussed with us by calling on 01733 898102 where we would love to see how we can help you!

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