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Coil Binding (Coil Bound)

What is coil binding and how is it right for your print project?

Written by Lewis McCarthy
Updated over a week ago

Coil binding is when a plastic or metal coil is wound through the covers and inside pages of the book to bind it together. This offers the unique benefit of allowing the book to open at 360 degrees or lie flat with ease! 

The coils themselves are very durable making them perfect for print projects that will see regular use in comparison to other books. 

Why Choose Coil Binding?

  • Books can be open at full 360 degrees

  • They work great on flat surfaces

  • Can be used on any size book we print

Perfect if You're Printing:

  • Training manuals and staff handbooks

  • Daily diaries

  • Recipe and cook books 

Metal Coil Bound Book:

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